Our Capabilities

We understand and appreciate that in most instances it makes sense to separate between contractor related work and design affairs. However, we also realize that in certain circumstances this may not necessarily be the case. Some clients choose to involve us in the design process in order to have a contractor’s insight on how practical certain designs would be.

Furthermore, many of our clients go as far as affording us the opportunity to suggest alternatives or enhancements to original designs. In the past, we have helped our clients to develop creative and innovative designs on the architectural, structural, and MEP fronts. Whatever the needs of our clients, we like to believe that we keep their best interests at the centre of our attention.

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We specialize the following Pre-Construction areas:

  • Site Feasibility Studies
  • Programming
  • Materials Counseling
  • Value Engineering
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Life Cycle Energy Analyses
  • Cost Engineering
  • Budget Development
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Municipal Approvals / Permits